Kamis, 01 Juli 2010

Do You Feel It's Hard To Keep Friendship On The Right Track?

I agree only partly with the common saying that the best things in life are free. Although it is true that Nature provides us with much that is pleasant in life, there are some things which are enjoyable because of the effort required to achieve them.
Certainly Nature provides us with much free entertainment and enjoyment. There is nothing more exhilarating than a beautiful sunset with colourful clouds drifting across the sky, or than some awe-inspiring form such as a lofty mountain or a stormy sea. The natural elements in their varying forms--whether they be calm and beautiful sunny days of tress being bent by gusty wind--give us a kind of free entertainment which nothing can surpass. Landscapes, whether peaceful or majestic, lakes, rivers, and twinkling stars--all fall into this category.

One of the best things in life is undeniably free: friendship. knowing we can rely on a certain friend during our time of need is one of the finest feelings a human being can have. And, to be sure, friendship is a two-way street, for there is also a great pleasure in being able to give of ourselves freely and without thought of personal gain.

Do you ever have a good friendship? without trouble? do you really believe that your best friend is the most kindness one who always stand beside you when you were down? Does he or she always taking all kind of risk to rescue you from your sadness?do you still believe them although they are always untrusted? lot of question deep in your heart about this situasion..do you really happy having a good friend like that? ......listen to your heart....if you are happy with that, so, just take it!just let your heart bleeding again..and again....Friendship...i dont trust it forsure..too many kind of person in this life..don't you think so? it's sad..but, it's true..i already have these experience..more than once..but, i'm just trying to be a good friend for all my friends..I'm happy too see their happyness...I will be sad for their sorrow...

**Transfered from my FB Note...wrote on Monday 28 June 2010, For My Friends**

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Anonim mengatakan...

I wish I could be someone's else good friend.. But if I never become one because the won't let me in, I don't care.. Just keep be a good person to someone else, make other people happy then you'll have more friends.. However, if they hurt you and make you sad, just keep smiling, then listen to your mind and heart speaks whether you want this friendship still going on as usual or you can change the way it is for your own shake.. :)

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